Happy Elephant 100% Natural Origin Diswasher Gel Happy Elephant 100% Natural Origin Diswasher Gel Refill

Dishwasher Gel

Natural cleaning agent washes dishes cleanly with an easy rinse.
Safe enough for baby bottles.

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  • Spout

  • 100% Food-Grade Ingredients

    Gel for dishwashers made only with food-grade components, namely Soforo※, sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, potassium carbonate, and other natural cleaning ingredients. Waste is broken by microorganisms quickly returning all of its components to the earth.

    Extra Safe

    Our products made only of natural cleaning ingredients and food ingredients are marked with the highest safety marks.

    ※The combination of food ingredients is formulated using standard detergent raw materials.

  • Easy Cleaning

    Removes and prevents the reattachment of oil stains with the natural cleaning component Soforo. Thorium citrate helps maintain detergency power, removing any cloudiness from glasses.

  • Gel Type

    Lightweight, easy to use gel. Just apply 5 mL for 5-6 people (1 teaspoon), 10 mL (2 teaspoons) for 7-8. For extremely dirty cases, increase amounts by 1.5x.

  • No Artificial Blending

    Happy Elephant doesn't use any petroleum-based surfactants, bleach, coloring agents nor synthetic fragrances. Tested for skin※ irritation, it can also be used to wash baby dishes.
    ※Irritation may still occur in some rare cases.

  • Creating Sustainable Products

    We use RSPO certified sustainable palm oil produced with consideration to the environment and human rights. 1% of sales are contributed to the environmental protection of Borneo, Malaysia, where our raw materials are produced.

    • SARAYA products use RSPO certified sustainable palm oil.
    • SARAYA supports the Borneo Conservation Trust
Cleaning aids (sophorolipid), alkalis (carbonates), water softeners (citric acid salts), pH adjusters (sodium bicarbonate), stabilizers (ethanol), xanthan gum
【Refrain from using on】
Please don't use on objects prohibited by the dishwasher's instruction manual.
(Examples) painted dishes, crystal glass, silver dishes, aluminum dishes, dishes with gold/silver wires or painted pictures.