In 2004, we came to know about an elephant with an injured trunk, which created a big impression on us.

The reality is that although they may be promoted as such, vegetable oils are normally not "eco-friendly", especially when wildlife is endangered.

In order to create palm oil plantations in Borneo, the tropical rain forest is systematically cut down and animals chased away, one of the biggest tragedies in the planet.

The Kinabatangan River, home of remarkable wildlife and fascinating habitats.

Since the day we saw that elephant, we started contributing in the rehabilitation of divided forests and wildlife rescue activities, so that elephants, orangutans and the Borneo fauna can live at peace in their natural habitat.
On the other hand, stopping the usage of palm oil is not a realistic solution, with an ever increasing worldwide demand. However, we believe that we have found a way to obtain it without damaging the planet, by using sustainable palm oil.

In 2012 Saraya introduced Happy Elephant, the next generation in natural detergents.

Happy Elephant is a 100% natural brand, without any petroleum-derived components, that quickly biodegrades, making it not only human-friendly but truly eco-friendly, as well.

If we can make elephants happy, wouldn't you also be?

If the elephant, the top of Borneo's ecosystem, is protected and happy, we might be able to say the environment will continue into the future.
Happy Elephant was born with the desire to develop a life-sustaining earth, where water and environment are maintained pure, allowing living things and humans to live in harmony.


The Happy Elephant mark symbolizes the variety of living fauna that resides in Borneo, created with the hope that biodiversity will continue to be for future generations.